Ship 2.6.9: Holiday Cheer

Ship 2.6.9 is out! This is primarily a bug fix release (as was 2.6.8 before it), but, hey, bug fixes are important too. Grab the update here or use the Ship → Check for Updates menu item in the app.

Full Changelog

  • Add @mention completions to the …
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What's the deal with is our file attachment hosting service. When you attach a screenshot or other file in Ship, that's where it goes. GitHub does not provide an attachment hosting service as part of their API, so it is necessary for us to host our own.

We occasionally get emails from …

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Ship 2.6.7: Little Things Add Up

Ship 2.6.7 is out with a variety of bug fixes and enhancements. The focus of this release has been to smooth off rough edges and to respond to customer feedback.

There are a couple of things I want to highlight in this release:

Dark Mode Diff View

In …

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Ship 2.6.6 with Syntax Highlighting Theming!

We've added syntax highlighting theming to Ship! Ship uses the same theme format as Xcode 8/9 and will automatically default to the current theme you're using in Xcode. To change your theme in Ship, use the View → Code Theme menu. To add new themes, you can use the theme …

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Ship 2.6.5 with Shared Queries!

You can now share Smart Queries using Ship! Here's how it works:

Full Changelog

  • Fixed an issue with pressing return in Jump to Item... before the search had finished.
  • Issues with no milestone set are no longer described as being in "Backlog", instead they're now shown as having "No Milestone …
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Ship 2.6.4 with Quick Jump is out!

We've got a new update to Ship with a keyboard activated search window to make it even quicker to get at the repo, organization, smart query, or file you're looking for. As usual, there's a handful of bug fixes in this update as well. Download here.

Here's a quick video …

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More Smart Queries and Code Snippets

Our latest update to Ship offers new smart query search predicates and code snippet expansion, in addition to many smaller enhancements and bug fixes (download).

New Smart Query Predicates

We have two new categories of smart query predicates in this release:

  • User mentions — Filter issues based on who is @mentioned …
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Repository Selection

We just pushed the deployment button on Ship 2.6 with support for selecting which GitHub repositories you want to work with (download). This means that you can now use Ship to follow along with your favorite open source projects on GitHub.

To get started with this feature, use the …

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Pull Requests

Ship now has support for GitHub Pull Requests! Nick and I have been working so hard on this for the past several months and there is a ton of neat stuff in this update. Here's a screenshot of our new pull request viewer:

Ship pull requests diff viewer

I'm a big fan of Xcode's versions …

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Ship 2.0

We just released Ship 2.0, a fast and comprehensive macOS native interface to GitHub Issues. You can download it here.

Ship 2.0 Screenshot

A year ago, when we released Ship 1.0, we knew that GitHub was the most popular place for software projects. This is even more true today. So, when …

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Ship It

Nick Sivo and I are releasing Ship, an issue tracker for software projects.

We started with the premise that it should be a native app in recognition of how frequently it ought to be referenced when used properly. We then decided to design around these features that we are uniquely …

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