More Smart Queries and Code Snippets

Our latest update to Ship offers new smart query search predicates and code snippet expansion, in addition to many smaller enhancements and bug fixes (download).

New Smart Query Predicates

We have two new categories of smart query predicates in this release:

  • User mentions — Filter issues based on who is @mentioned.
  • Reviews — Filter pull requests based on review state as well as reviewer.

For example, I can put these together and keep tabs on all pull requests I'm mentioned in that I haven't yet reviewed:

There are many more useful smart queries that you can put together with these new predicates. Play around with it and check it out. Also, don't forget that you can option-click the + button in the query editor to build compound predicates.

Embedded Code Snippets

Another new feature in this update is previews for embedded code snippets. GitHub just released an implementation of this for their web interface:

The idea is you put a link to a snippet of source code into your issue, and you get a nice preview of the code. For example, we can turn this ugly URL ...

... into this nice embedded code snippet:

Cool, right? Going further, I wrote a pair of scripts for Xcode to make it easy to get code snippet URLs. Here's a video of it in action:

And here's a link to the scripts: github-line.scpt.js and github-lines-to-issue.scpt.js. Just put them at ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/Xcode/ and you can run them with Script Menu or Fast Scripts.

Full Changelog for 2.6.2

  • Added mention smart query predicate template
  • Added review smart query predicate templates
  • Added support for embedded code snippet URLs
  • Fixed wide code blocks in comments causing unwanted horizontal scrolling in diff viewer
  • Fixed broken drawing of assignee when there is a single assignee and the issue is non-editable
  • Added syntax highlighting for GraphQL
  • Improved charting performance
  • Customized commit message for incorporating pull requests via git squash
  • Fixed branch label incorrectly appearing as "headBranch"
  • Repo owner avatar images are now drawn in the Overview sidebar.
  • Allow labels in filter bar to be applied even when viewing a smart query that filters on label
  • Fixed incorrect display of conversation lock button when editing a comment in an issue
  • Fixed rare (null) display of issue author in list views
  • Fixed a couple of rare crashes

If you run into problems or have any questions, please get in touch with, or you can reach us on twitter.