Fast, native, comprehensive issue tracking and code review for GitHub


Ship is fast everywhere. Every operation is instantaneous because the Ship app is backed by a continuously updated local cache.

File issues in a few keystrokes and find just what you're looking for in a few clicks with no load times in between.

When staying on top of your issues is faster than ever before, you will be more organized and more productive in your work.


Track your progress across all of your GitHub repos.

Quickly find, filter, and file issues and pull requests without juggling multiple browser windows or tabs.

Bulk modify issues in a single step across your entire organization.


Ship fully supports every possible GitHub feature for issues and pull requests, including complete GitHub flavored markdown editing and rendering, reactions, multiple assignees, projects, and more.

If you can do it to an issue or pull request on, you can do it in Ship in ways that will be familiar to both GitHub and macOS power users.


Ship isn't just another GitHub API client app. Ship's custom server code listens and watches for changes from GitHub, and pushes efficient delta updates to clients.

This allows Ship to instantly reflect changes made by your collaborators, while keeping power, cpu, and network use on your Mac to a minimum.


Review pull requests with an IDE style interface. Ship offers lightning fast and convenient navigation and review of pull request code changes.

Ship lets you easily see code changes with full context, both within files and within your project structure. Search through all changed files or just changed lines. Open a terminal window with a working copy of the pull request changes to do your own testing with a single click.

Superior markdown editing with syntax highlighting and completions
Attach files, folders, and media of any kind
Quickly file multiple issues with similar properties by duplicating a template issue
View and search issues while offline
Up next queue keeps you on track
Organize and bulk modify issues by drag and drop
Screen your notifications and triage issues faster with a multi-column browser view
See live changes as they happen



Use Ship with all your public repos.


$5 /month
Includes 14 day free trial, no credit card required.
Use Ship with all personal or organization repos, public or private.


$5 /active user/month
Minimum monthly charge of $5 / month.
Provide Ship to your whole team. Pay only for those that actively use it.
Free attachment storage for an unlimited number of attachments of any kind. Each attachment is limited to 20MB in size (2x github user content limit).
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Download Version 2.0 for macOS