Ship 2.6.4 with Quick Jump is out!

We've got a new update to Ship with a keyboard activated search window to make it even quicker to get at the repo, organization, smart query, or file you're looking for. As usual, there's a handful of bug fixes in this update as well. Download here.

Here's a quick video of the new search window in action:

Full Changelog for 2.6.4

  • Quickly jump to a repository, organization, user, or smart query from the overview (⌘D).
  • Quickly jump to file while reviewing a pull request (⌘D or ⌘↑J).
  • Pull request review dismissal reasons are now shown in the issue conversation view.
  • Fixed conversation view scrolling to the top when dismissing a pull request review.
  • Fixed incomplete display of issue conversation view for pull requests that contain a commit with no parents (initial commit).