Ship 2.6.9: Holiday Cheer

Ship 2.6.9 is out! This is primarily a bug fix release (as was 2.6.8 before it), but, hey, bug fixes are important too. Grab the update here or use the Ship → Check for Updates menu item in the app.

Full Changelog

  • Add @mention completions to the pull request review comment editor.
  • Filter bar items will now show the context correct list of items when a milestone within a repository is selected in the overview sidebar.
  • Repository merge restrictions are now synchronized and respected by the merge popover.
  • The merge button in the pull request conversation view is now red if the pull request is mergeable only by an admin.
  • Improved legibility in dark mode syntax highlighting of files of type diff.
  • Fix a crash when editing a Smart Query that contained label predicates where the labels had been deleted.
  • Fix incorrect Smart Query results when using predicates of the form NOT (ANY = %@).
  • Dragging a message from into a comment editor will now correctly paste the message:// URL
  • Fix an issue where the pull request review comment editor could persist on screen after saving the comment to the current pending review.
  • Fix an issue where creating in network pull requests from a forked repo could fail.
  • Add a prompt to request GitHub personal access tokens in order to work around a GitHub limitation where certain operations on public organization owned repositories would otherwise fail.
  • Add ability to duplicate an existing Smart Query that the logged in user created.
  • Improved memory use when performing initial synchronization of repositories with a large number of issues.