Ship 2.6.10: Magic Predicate

Ship 2.6.10 is out! We've got a lot of fixes in this release, and some new features as well. Grab the update here or use the Ship → Check for Updates menu item in the app.

Full Changelog

  • Fix a crash that could occur while switching the active GitHub account.
  • The markdown editor is now automatically focused when clicking the edit button on an existing issue comment.
  • Fix a leak of NSTrackingAreas that lead to degraded performance after letting Ship run for several days straight.
  • Performance is now improved when there are very many Overview sidebar items that need to have counts calculated (smart queries, milestones, repositories, etc).
  • Added smart query predicate for number of comments on an issue
  • Fix Mac notification center notifications not being shown in some cases.
  • Disable links for commit statuses that don't specify a URL.
  • Sort issue / pull request participants in the @mention completion list to the top.
  • Add label name regular expression smart query predicate.
  • Improve performance when displaying very large files in the pull request diff view.
  • Pending / unknown commit status icons are now shown in yellow instead of gray, to match
  • Fix a rare crash when creating a new pull request.
  • Fix pull request cross-referenced timeline events showing incorrect merge states.
  • The currently selected commit or span diff is now highlighted in the pull request diff view commit chooser.
  • Added a button to show the diff between submodule revisions in the pull request diff viewer.
  • Fix incorrect autogenerated hyperlinks (commit hashes, issue references, etc) in pull request commit comment bodies.