Ship 2.6.5 with Shared Queries!

You can now share Smart Queries using Ship! Here's how it works:

Full Changelog

  • Fixed an issue with pressing return in Jump to Item... before the search had finished.
  • Issues with no milestone set are no longer described as being in "Backlog", instead they're now shown as having "No Milestone."
  • Improved resizing of date columns in list view. They now work like date columns in the Finder.
  • NSFindPboard is now used for inline searches in the issue viewer and diff viewer.
  • Added inline search within the issue viewer. Cmd-E (Use Selection for Find) in the issue viewer is now available.
  • Fixed a crash when editing a saved smart query with the predicate "labels do not include <label>" where label has since been deleted since the query was created.
  • Improved the reliability of the persistent websocket sync connection.
  • Fixed mis-rendering of milestone field in the issue view when toggling between issues that are non-editable and either have or do not have a milestone set in the three pane browser view.
  • Improved state transition ordering of the checkboxes in the bulk modify labels sheet.
  • Improved Format -> Hyperlink menu item (Cmd-K), to use the selected text as either the title or the link, depending on what's selected.
  • Fixed begins with / contains / matches smart query predicates for repository and milestone.
  • Improved discoverability of compound smart query predicates by adding an add compound predicate button to the sheet (previously you had to hold option and press the + button).
  • Fixed sort stability of entries in the overview sidebar when adding new items (smart queries, milestones, repositories, etc).
  • Added a search filter field to the Select Repositories window.
  • Workaround rdar://34465094 NSOutlineView group row drawing is incorrect after -moveItemAtIndex:inParent:toIndex:inParent: on High Sierra.
  • Label names are now shown in the table cells in the middle pane of the three pane browser view in the overview window. Check out what happens as you resize the split view. It's cool.
  • Fixed type selection in the middle pane of the three pane browser view in the overview window.
  • Improved error handling when creating new issues or updating existing issues.
  • Smart Queries can now be shared with others via URLs.