Use Ship with all your public repos.


$5 /month
Includes 14 day free trial, no credit card required.
Use Ship with all personal or organization repos, public or private.


$5 /active user/month
Minimum monthly charge of $5 / month.
Provide Ship to your whole team. Pay only for those that actively use it.
Free attachment storage for an unlimited number of attachments of any kind. Each attachment is limited to 20MB in size (2x github user content limit).

How It Works

Initially, you start out with a 14 Day Free Trial. Once your trial expires, you can choose to purchase a subscription, or continue on with the free tier. The free tier allows full and unrestricted use with any public GitHub repositories that you have. A subscription allows you to use Ship with all public and private GitHub repositories to which you have access.

If you want to upgrade to a paid personal subscription before your free trial runs out, your first month's price will be discounted by the number of days left in your trial. For example, if you upgrade with 10 days remaining on your free trial, you'll be given a 33% discount, or $1.67 credit. That is, (10 days ÷ 30 days) × $5.00 = $1.67.

Subscription Types

You can choose to purchase either a personal or organization subscription. A personal subscription is just for you, whereas an organization subscription covers everyone within a GitHub organization. Both organization and personal subscriptions allow full and unlimited access to GitHub repositories within Ship. In other words, there's no functional difference between the two, it's simply a matter of choosing the subscription type that is most convenient and cost effective for you.

About Organization Subscriptions

Organization subscriptions are a convenient way to provide Ship to your whole team while only paying for those that actually use it. An organization subscription is billed at $5 per active user per month with a minimum monthly charge of $5. An active Ship user is someone who has opened the Ship app at some point during the monthly term.

For example, if 10 team members use Ship this month and only 5 team members use Ship next month, you'll pay $50 for this month and $25 for next month, respectively. If no one on your team uses Ship in a given month, you'll only pay the minimum monthly charge of $5.

If you have an active personal subscription and somebody in your organization later buys an organization subscription, your personal subscription will be discounted to free for as long as you're covered by an organization subscription. If you leave the organization, or the organization subscription is cancelled, your personal subscription will resume at that time.

How To Buy

To purchase Ship, download and launch the app. Sign in with your GitHub account, and then from the menu bar choose Ship → Manage Subscription...

How To Cancel

You can cancel your subscription by using the Ship app. Sign in with your GitHub account, and then from the menu bar choose Ship → Manage Subscription...
You can also email us at

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