Tips and Tricks

Quickly search for an issue by title

From anywhere in Ship, choose File → Search All Issues (⇧⌘F) and start typing the title or number of the issue you wish to locate.

Quickly open an issue from a commit message

Suppose you have a commit message like “Fix realartists/web#1”. Ship provides a services menu item to quickly open the issue by highlighting the “realartists/web#1” bit and invoking it. You can use the Shortcuts panel in the Keyboard preference pane in System Preferences to assign a keyboard shortcut to this service menu item if you use it frequently.

Alternatively, just drag text of the form owner/repo#number onto the Ship icon to open the corresponding issue.

Open an issue in Ship from a GitHub URL

If you have a link to an issue on GitHub, simply drag it to the Ship icon to open the issue in Ship.

Quickly create new issues with templates

Ship supports an URL scheme for filing new issues. Here’s an example:


The format is as follows:


The set of query parameters are:

  • title
  • milestone
  • assignees: Comma separated list of assignee logins
  • labels: Comma separated list of labels
  • body: Issue body (if omitted, the repo’s issue template will be used if it exists)

You can put these URLs together with a global keyboard macro accelerator such as Fast Scripts, and get a global hotkey to create a new issue with the pre-filled info of your choice. For example, for Fast Scripts, just bind an AppleScript with the following contents to the keyboard shortcut of your choosing:

tell application "Ship"
  open location "ship+github://newissue/realartists/shiphub-cocoa"
end tell


Query parameters must be properly URL encoded

Easily create a new milestone in multiple repos

If you need a new milestone, and you know it needs to apply to multiple repos (for example if you have separate client and server component’s that need to work together), you can use Ship to create a milestone in both repos in one go. Simply click the + button at the bottom left of the Overview window’s sidebar and choose New Milestone. You’ll have the option to create the milestone in whichever repos you need.

View multiple overview windows at once

Get multiple views on your data going at the same time. Choose File → New Overview Window (⌥⌘N) to open more overview windows. You can view charts, lists, and browsers all at once, and they all update live as you or your teammates make changes.

For example, if you’re triaging issues for an upcoming milestone, you can create 2 overview windows. Make one window show a list view of the upcoming milestone, and make the second window show your candidate issues in a browser view.