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Native issue tracking
Ship is a new take on issue tracking
for software projects with a focus on
Ship is fast everywhere. Every operation is perceptibly instantaneous because the Ship app is backed by a continuously updated local cache.

File issues in a few keystrokes and find just what you're looking for in a few clicks with no load times in between.
Always Available.

Full offline operation means anything you can do while connected to the network you can do when you're away from it. Search for issues, create and run queries, view charts, file new issues, update existing issues, it's all available offline.

When you come back online, your changes automatically sync back to the server.

A full featured iOS app offers all of the speed, convenience, and power of the desktop application, optimized for iPhone and iPad.
Everything you see in Ship is always up to date. Lists and charts update automatically as their underlying data changes. Edits made by others show up instantly on screen.

And if you aren't just sitting around waiting for changes to appear on screen, Ship's Slack integration can notify you of updates in chat.
Flawless Attachments.
Ship has first class support for attachments. Drag in an image, log file, or even a video. Media displays inline. Copy text and images from your browser, mail client, or word processor and paste it with matching formatting. Drag attachments into issues or out of them into other apps.

Ship is scriptable with a simple Python and REST APIs. Automate common tasks and link Ship with other tools in just a few lines of code.

Ship is currently free. We plan to start charging later this year. Expect pricing to be competitive with other SaaS developer tools. We will also offer a guarantee: if you aren't satisfied with the value or the quality of the service, we will help migrate your data out to another product.

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